Start your career abroad in four easy steps.

Schedule a Skype Consultation

Move to the bottom of the page for scheduling a Skype consultation. In this consultation, we would like to know your priorities, your wishes and your career prospects. After this consultation, we will match which type of teaching opportunity is best for you. During the video call, we would like to hear your job preferences - including some idea of the city where you would like to work and the age group you may like to teach. We assure you that we will be on your side from the very beginning and do our upmost to give you a smooth transition to your new country.

Fix the Interview with the School

After the consultation, we will send your information to the best school that is suitable for you. We will arrange an interview with you and the school authorities via Skype. Do not panic,  most of the educational institutions ask standard questions and teaching related questions. If you prefer teaching young students, they may ask you to sing a song or do a small video teaching demo class. Don't worry we can help you by giving you suggestions so that you can fully prepare yourself beforehand and feel fully relaxed. After the interview, the school will contact us and if they want to hire you, they will send us your contract which we will discuss and pass on to you.

Signing the Contract Form

We will help you understand the contract so that you do not miss any crucial key points. After you are totally satisfied with the contract terms and conditions we will then ask you to, scan and sign the teaching contract and return to us.  We will then send your details to the visa department for availing the legal work visa.

Your arrangemets upon arrival at your new country.

We will liaise with our school partners to ensure that you are picked up from the airport. And for them to arrange your hotel stay for your first few days upon your arrival. The schools will assist you to set up your local bank account, phone plan and other essential items you may need. They will make sure that you feel comfortable and not lonely in your new country. And to help you settle into your new working environment. Of course TipTop ESL Ltd will always be available should you have any worries or concerns throughout your stay.