Your initial application

Upon receipt of your initial application to teach online with iTutor Group, we will assess your suitability from your previous experience and your educational background. Should you be an ideal candidate, we will notify you by email that your application has been successful.

Importing your application direct to .

We have the authority to directly import your application into iTutor Group’s recruitment system. This will tell us the likelihood of you been accepted for interview and if this is the case an immediate email with interview instructions will be sent out to you. Please remember to check you junk and spam folders. Emails from China can go direct into junk and spam folders.

The interview

Upon receipt of your interview email, you will be able to login to the iTutor Group interview platform and select a convenient time and day that suits you. The interview email will contain full details about what to expect during the interview. Of course, TiPTop ESL is always on hand should you have any interview worries or concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Contract signing and onboarding.

ITutor Group’s recruitment team will assess your interview and email you the result within 24 hours. Should you be successful you will then be sent your contract agreement and also full instructions on how to complete the initial onboarding phase. We aim to make your transition into online teaching as smooth as possible and please reach out to us if you have any problems or concerns.

Some of Our Happy Teachers