Privacy Policy

Introduction to TipTop ESL Privacy Policy

As the TipTop ESL, our (company or we) do respect the privacy and are totally committed to protecting the compliance with the privacy policy. This policy includes all the information we are collecting from you and you may provide when you are visiting our website and availing our practices like collecting, maintaining, using, protecting and disclosing the information.

The policy mentioned in our site is applicable to information we collect-

  1. on the website
  2. Through email, electronic messages and the text forms between you and the website
  3. Through the desktop and mobile applications that you are downloading from the site. This provides a dedicated non-browser based communication between user and website.

Please go through our policies and practices carefully regarding the information and how we are treating them. If you do not agree with the policies and practices, you should not use your website. While you are accessing the website, you are agreeing with our privacy policy. This policy can change with time.

Information we collect about you and how we collect

We collect information from and about the users of the website. The information includes-

  1. By which you may be personally identified like the name, telephone number, email address or any other information that the website collects which is defined as the personal information under the applicable law.
  2. The information is about you but does not identify you.
  3. Check the internet connection that is helpful in accessing the website.

We collect the information-

  1. Directly from the user that they offer
  2. Automatically when we are navigating through the website lie user details, IP addresses and the information collected from the cookies.
  3. For the third parties like the business partners.

How we use the information

Here are some of the ways by which we use your information-
  1. To offer the website and the contents to you
  2. To provide you with the products, services and the information that you request from us
  3. To provide you information about the services
  4. To offer you with the notices about the accounts and subscriptions that includes the expiration and the renewal notices
  5. To make you notified about the changes on the website that we offering you
  6. To allow you in participating in the interactive features of the website.
  7. We can describe you about the information that we provide.
  8. To fulfil the purposes for which we are providing it.
  9. Providing any consent for the purposes.

We can use the information that you have collected from you for displaying the advertisements to the target audiences.

Changes in the privacy policy

As it is our privacy policy, we can post changes to the policies as well. If we are changing the materials on how we are treating the user’s personal information, we will notify you through email in the specified account.

Contact information

To ask any type of questions or comment about the privacy policy that we practice, contact us through our Contact Us Page.

Thank You for visiting the website.