TipTop ESL Ltd is affiliated with ESL English programmes that are aimed at primary and secondary school students throughout Vietnam.

The English programmes are now being taught in 25 cities and 60 centres in Vietnam, meaning that there are certainly a wide choice of cities to suit all, including the two largest – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Please enquire for further information on particular cities.

You can choose to teach one of the following programmes in all the centres in Vietnam:

April English

Offers both experienced and inexperienced teachers the opportunity to deliver effective and engaging lessons to students of various skill levels, ages 5 to 15. The April program provides the kind of structure and effective methodology rare in English education in Vietnam.

With lesson plans prearranged and programmed into a smart board, teachers can focus on meeting the individual needs of their students, and have a lot of fun while doing it! This is the perfect program to kick-start or further develop your EFL career.


With music, games, and plenty of interactive learning, this is a great introduction to learning English as a second language.

IGarten is the perfect program for those who want more creative direction over their lessons, smaller, more relaxed classes, and a Vietnamese teaching assistant. For teachers who prefer to work with younger (and cuter!) kids, look no further than iGarten to start or grow in your English teaching career. Apply today to see what we have available.


Student e-textbooks are automatically synchronized to the teacher’s tablet. 4.0 classes use media-based discussions to help contextualize academic topics, allowing the teacher to custom-tailor their approach to a specific topic by adding in their own “media cards” to the e-textbook. Managing and improving student performance is also made easy with a collection of functions to track their answers, notes, annotations, etc. Students typically range from 12-18-years-old and are more advanced than their April counterparts.

Job Benefits

  1. Start now! There is 25,000,000 VND start-up bonus paid within first month!
  2. Salary starts at 32,000,000 VND per month (more with experience)
  3. Two days off per week (Monday plus one more day allocated Tue-Sun dependent on schedule)
  4. Over-time hourly rate of 525,000 VND if maximum teaching hours is surpassed
  5. Housing stipend or housing provided
  6. Small-city stipend of 3,225,000 VND (if placed outside of Hanoi / HCM)
  7. Bonuses: 10,750,000 VND upon twelve-month completion, 1
  8. KPI Bonuses of up to 3,000,000 VND / month depending on classroom performance
  9. 20 paid national holidays including 12 flexible blocks
  10. Basic Vietnamese residency health insurance contribution plan
  11. Work permit application: reimbursement plan
  12. Class size of 16 maximum (10-15 avg.)
  13. Full week-long training provided and ongoing teacher support
  14. Opportunities for advancement (not only teaching)

Requirements for applications: Must hold a BA degree, a TEFL certificate holder is preferred. A non TEFL certificate holder will be invited to gain the TEFL qualification upon a successful application.