Why teach in South Korea ?


1. The application process and finally moving to South Korea is easier than you think.

There are so many benefits of teaching in South Korea. Finding a teaching job in South Korea isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first! English teachers are in incredibly high demand and the visa process is actually quite simple! With TipTop ESL Ltd, you will receive full support to make the transition to South Korea as easy and simple as we can.

2. Safety

South Korea is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, proven by an extremely low crime rate. So, if you are travelling alone in South Korea then this should be a truly safe environment for you to enjoy your new country.

3. Vibrant cities.

Seoul is a vibrant city, flush with technology, pop culture, and tasty cuisine. The city is proud of its cutting-edge advances in technology and is home to everything from the Digital Media City to smart homes, to the world’s fastest Wi-Fi. Aside from technology, you’ll also find bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to suit any taste. Seoul gives a fast-paced energy and the opportunity to be constantly entertained, whether you’re a fashion junkie, a tech king, or the ultimate foodie.

4. Beautiful coastline and beaches.

While you may not think of beaches when you think of South Korea, the peninsula is surrounded on all three sides by water, giving it a variety of beaches that provide excellent reprieves during the summer season. Due to the geographic diversity of the peninsula, you’ll find beaches surrounded by pine trees and sand made of crushed shells and volcanic stone. Visitors to these seaside destinations will enjoy summer festivals, water sports, and luxurious resorts, in addition to a wide variety of tourist attractions, including aquariums, botanical gardens, and natural caves.

5. Cherry Blossom Spring.

The season of sakura is not just for Japan. In South Korea, it’s called beotkkot, and the country is home to dozens of cherry blossom festivals, usually in early April. Most festivals offer tourists the chance to see the magnificent flowers, in addition to attending other events like road races, historical parades, and street performances. Cities who host these festivals truly become alive after the cold winter so be sure to plan a visit while you’re teaching in South Korea.

6. The food.

These days, you can get Korean-inspired food in almost any major city, but if you want to try essential Korean cuisine you’ve got to go straight to the source. Some of the most well-known dishes are bulgogi (marinated beef), ddukbokkie (spicy rice cake), bibimbap (rice bowls full of vegetables, meat, and other tasty ingredients), and kimchi (fermented cabbage). These foods are all delicious and popular for their unique flavours and healthy qualities, but did you know that kimchi also has a strong cultural meaning? In many households, a meal is considered incomplete without a serving a kimchi.

7. The locals

TEFL teachers who spend time in South Korea often say they find a kind, welcoming, and friendly attitude toward ex-pats. South Koreans place a high value on traditional customs like respect, family values, and hard work, making it a rewarding and encouraging environment to get to know.

8. High standard of living.

In addition to its quickly growing economy and technological frontiers, South Korea has a relatively low cost of living compared to western contries, which allows teachers the opportunity to save money! The country is also well connected, as it is home to 8 international airports, extensive bus and subway routes, and the KTX high-speed train. This means that travel is easy and affordable for teachers not just for their daily commutes, but for longer adventures on weekends and holidays.